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A Gift Shop in the Making

Donna and I have been accumulating stuff to work with for months now and were planning on doing Arts and Craft shows this summer to sell it. After many discussions, we have decided to take the leap instead and open a store here in our yard. Yay! Donna has the money, I have the road front property to put it on. I originally picked this particular piece of property with the thought in mind of having a business in the yard instead of leaving to go to work every day. I’ve had a ton of different ideas but it has come down to basically a gift/variety store.

The reason for it is simply that there is no place to buy anything decent around here for gifts or whatever. We have Walmart, Dollar General, Fred’s (which is like a Dollar General), several junk stores with used stuff in them, and a couple of discount clothing stores. That’s it in this one horse town. I really believe a pretty little gift shop would do really well. One thing people do spend money on is gifts, birthday gifts, anniversary gifts, baby gifts, Christmas, whatever the holiday, you always need a gift and you want something different, something special, not something from Walmart.

The beauty of it, is we both have everything paid for as far as our homes and vehicles and such so we neither one have huge overhead to support at home. The property the building will go on is paid for and Donna will pay cash for the building and the little bit of work it will take to set it up. I went to the courthouse yesterday to talk to them about it and there are no codes or anything out here to adhere to for a business that isn’t a restaurant or isn’t inside the city limits. I also asked about the cost of a business license and almost fell out in the floor when she said it would be about 350. I said $350 dollars? She laughed and said “No honey, $3.50.” Are you kidding? That’s it? $3.50 for a business license? Wow! That is really really cheap!

Anyway, the thought of it is so exciting that I am beside myself now. This is exactly what I wanted when I moved here. I am set on a busy major highway that runs north and south through the state of Alabama. The property is about three miles outside of town but that’s fine because so many cars pass by here every day anyway headed to or from town that people will find us easily. The nice thing about a small town too is that everyone knows everyone else or is kin to them or something and once one person comes in, they will tell their family and that will bring 50 more people. lol

Anyway, I’m excited. If you could see me, I’m literally floating around now with a great sense of purpose all of a sudden. The ideas are popping into my little head faster than I can sort through them. How exciting to be able to walk out the door of the house, walk across the yard and be at work. Yes!!!! It will take a little while to get it all going, but boy what fun the whole ordeal will be.


2 responses

  1. That’s why I don’t have any friends and have alienated all my family – all the damned gift buying!

    You are correct in that the biggest deterrent to new businesses (especially in small towns) are the start up costs. Just making enough to pay for rent/utilities is enough to make it tough for anything to make any money. Since you don’t have to worry about that, you’re already ahead.

    Good luck.

    June 24, 2012 at 3:34 pm

  2. lol GOM. I do feel like we are already way ahead. I think it can do really well. There are several things going in our favor already. One that is actually kind of funny is that the Dollar General I work for is about to start a remodel next week. They are going to do away with a lot of the shelving and fixtures that are in the store now and guess who is going to be there to collect them! lol I’ve already asked my boss about it and he said I could have what I wanted because all they will do is throw them away. I’m really excited.

    June 24, 2012 at 7:47 pm

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