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lazy days

Big Plans

I had big plans for my day off today. My yard looks like no one has lived here in months because the grass is getting so tall. I’ve not touched the shed project since the mayhem with the ants so there are still quite a few things out in the yard that need to go back in the shed. My front porch is full of stuff that I took out of the shed and intended to bring in the house or use on the porch but it is just piled there still. So my plan was to take care of all of the stuff because I need to call the man that cuts the grass before I get lost in it. I looked out the window several times and just stood there shaking my head. No….it even looks hot out there.

So instead, I went to this little country restaurant down the street and picked up dinner. Gedney’s is a family owned restaurant and they have a little bit of everything. What I really like there is they have a good buffet dinner during the day and on Thursday and Sunday that dinner includes very good chicken and dressing. What is really nice is that for $8.99, I can get a to go plate and two dessert to go dishes and fill them just as full as they will get with whatever is out there. They don’t weigh the plates like some places do. Now, I’m not a big eater and I don’t stuff the plates but I do get enough that it feeds me lunch and dinner for two days. So $4.50 a day is about as cheap as you can eat anywhere for. Actually it’s cheaper than I could cook most things.

Today’s dinner includes chicken and dressing, giblet gravy, green beans, sweet potatoes, stewed zucchini and tomatoes, mashed potatoes, English peas, coleslaw and a small salad. Oh, and my favorite, fried green tomatoes. YUMMMMM! There was lots more to choose from, this is just what I brought home! lol I like a good variety, can you tell? I won’t eat that much of each thing at a time, so it will last a couple of days easily and I will still have left overs for the dogs. The ladies that cook there have been there for years and the food is excellent. I’ve never gotten anything that I would complain about.

Now my big plan for the rest of the day, since I’ve eaten a little of all that good food, is to pile up in the middle of the bed with about seven pillows, two fans blowing on me (to make sure the air conditioning flows perfectly at me) and a big screen television to watch and just relax. Well, I might peek out the window every now and then and look at all my stuff in the yard and make sure it didn’t put itself away.