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My Poetry

This poem was a contest entry in a “Faith” contest. The task was to write any kind of poetry to do with Faith, any kind of faith. The poem took second place in the contest!


The Old Man

A little old man
with a sad wrinkled face,
sat out on a bench
staring off into space.

For a minute I watched,
but then worried about him,
I sat down on the bench
for he seemed rather grim.

“Are you alright sir?”
I asked with a smile,
“I’ve got some free time,
I can sit for a while.”

“I’ve seen better days,”
he finally said,
and I saw a tear fall,
as he hung down his head.

“My wife passed away,
more than ten years ago,
and I just never thought
that I would get this old.”

“The days go by slowly,
and the nights slower still,
and I forget to eat
or to take all my pills.”

“We never had children,
so I’m left all alone.
All the friends I once had,
are now dead and gone.”

“Sir, what can I do,
I don’t know what to say.”
He took hold of my hand
and said, “Just help me pray.”

“It’s been so many years
since I could get on my knees
and thank the good Lord
for all he’s given to me.”

I helped the old man to
get down on his knees,
and he prayed for a while
then he looked back at me.

“If you’ll get me up now,
you won’t have to wait,
for it’s time for my walk
through that great Pearly Gate.”

I was stunned by the words
he was saying to me,
but I saw he was beaming
and now filled with glee.

Seated back on the bench,
he took off his hat,
then he reached for my hand,
and for a while we just sat.

I could feel as the life
slowly drained out of him,
and I was filled with sadness,
until I noticed his grin.

He must have asked God
to please take him home.
He could do it no more,
living here all alone.

He must have prayed to leave,
but not do it alone,
and then God chose me
to help that old man get home.

Now I pass by that bench,
almost every day,
and I remember that man,
but with the grin on his face.

This was a contest entry for a poem of any type about the Summer Time.

The Summer Time

The sand between your toes
And sunburn on your nose

The alluring feel of the summer

Gardenias in full bloom
Fresh flowers in the rooms

The exquisite smells of the summer

Birds singing in the trees
The buzzing of the bees

The delicate sounds of the summer

Barbecue on the grill
A picnic on the hill

The wonderful tastes of the summer

The sun beaming brightly
The stars shining nightly

The beautiful sights of the summer



This was a Halloween contest entry for a horror or thriller poem, not necessarily about Halloween itself.

In the Dark

I heard a noise
While in the dark
Of a lonely night
In a tree filled park

When suddenly
A man appeared
And my breathing stopped
As I filled with fear

I tried to run
But my body froze
When suddenly
His big hands rose

Around my throat
His fingers wrapped
Everything went dark
As my body collapsed

I tried to hang on
To my precious life
I was a mother, a daughter
And a well loved wife

The last I remembered
Were his wicked eyes
The sting of my tears
And my silent cries

They buried me
Neath a big oak tree
And ask the Lord
That I rest in peace

But peace won’t come
Until he dies
The man in the dark
With the wicked eyes

So if you hear a noise
While in the dark
Of a lonely night
In a tree filled park

It is I who roam
Looking for the beast
Who took my life
And my restful peace



5 responses

  1. How the heck did you add a tab to your blog?????????

    October 7, 2010 at 3:56 pm

  2. Lady these are well done poems

    October 15, 2010 at 3:20 am

    • Thanks CC. I’m glad you like them. I really appreciate the compliment.

      October 15, 2010 at 12:21 pm

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